Our story

'She felt inspired to share this feeling with other women.'

How is all started,


The idea of Wild Creations started in Bali in 2020, after trying many samples and different factory's / craftsmanships she found the golden match.


The founder Janine, was wearing the first design ever (Take a walk on the wild side) herself and got so many compliments.

She wanted to share the feeling that her jewellery gave her with other women.

That's how our slogan was born! 'Own your magic'

Feel confident about yourself!

So she decided to produce more and launched this website!


At 22-02-2022 at 20:00 she went officially live.


The message behind every piece is connected to our lives. There are lessons in everything.

We love to share our lessons so we can grow together!


Thank you for being part of our jouney.


Everything we do, we do with love and we really hope that you feel a confident booster when wearing our handmade pieces.


Lots of love,

Janine, Wild Creations

Thank you for trusting my vision!