Our golden pieces are gold-vermeil.

The base is 100% recycled silver, we use 925 sterling silver. After that we apply 3 micron high-quality 18 carat yellow gold.

The golden layer is really thick and will stay for a long time.

After that we use an anti-tarnish coating, to make it more shiny and protect the gold.

Our pieces are the best quality we can make on the island.

The gold will stay for a while if you treat it well.

Sterling Silver

Our silver pieces are 100% recycled silver, we use 925 sterling silver.

Silver is a really strong metal what will stay a lifetime if you treat it well.

We use an anti-tarnish coating to keep them shiny and protect them from any dirt.

All our sterling silver pieces are stamped with the 925 mark, which indicates the purity of the metal.